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Expertise and Experience You Can Trust

Laura Ellis is the Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisory Board (TAB) Inc. Channeling her futuristic view of what businesses could become, Laura redefines how professional services support business leaders in today’s complex and fast-changing world.

“The type of challenges businesses encounter today while navigating the most complex ecosystem known to humankind can only be mitigated with a different way of thinking. Encouraging a controlled fusion of experiences, disciplines and sciences, we integrate diverse and divergent sources of intelligence to empower the Polymath Executive and to allow the advancements in science, technology and spirituality feed into how  business are managed.”  (Laura Ellis, TAB Founder and CEO)

TAB’s mission to empower executives build the best future for their business through better decisions originates in  Laura’s calling for being an Educator, a Business Psychologist and an Enterpriser – all at the same time. As an Educator, Laura motivated and guided at-risk youth in Communist Romania to thrive outside the limits imposed by an oppressive regime, followed by building a career in Business Psychology to facilitate organizational transformations and spur the growth of executive talent – experiences that inspired her to take a leap and act on her enterprising mind and spirit.

Being farsighted sets Laura apart and it places her at odds with the mainstream thinking. After fifteen successful years in influential corporate and consulting roles, she founded Trusted Advisory Board in 2013 to create management tools and frameworks that can keep up with the pace of a faster, more advanced and considerably more complex world.