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TABTalks is a vehicle that distills real life experiences, observations and learning, and then channels this valuable intelligence through media and technology in order to reach YOU. Radio, video, articles and books – we create simple ways to share our intelligence so that we may inform, educate and strengthen your decision making capabilities.

When NO Formula Exists

TABTalks was created to bring quality, practical information within the reach of senior decision-makers. Having access to relevant information IS critical when you’re making decisions. Yet, you might not have time to sift through social media feeds to know what’s new, what’s next, and what’s right now. Even if you did have the time, who could tell you that what you’ve found is what you actually need? How are you to know if you missed something important if you have no way of knowing that something was missing in the first place?

Think of us as your researcher. Your curator. Your purveyor. We do the hunting, the filtering and the evaluating to determine what is current, what is most significant and what is the absolute best when it comes to relevant and necessary information to help you make better decisions and optimize business performance.

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