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Alice in Wonderland and The Trappings of our Beautiful Mind

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I was quite a bit younger when I was exposed to the first “Judgement and Decision Making” module in the undergraduate Psychology degree I attended in London, England. Yet, that experience remains till today my one and true encounter with the concept of INTELLECTUAL LOVE at first sight. It was then I developed the passion for seeking to understand more about the workings of our minds after reading the work of Professor Daniel Kahneman and Dr. Amos Tversky, his partner. Their research, which won them the Nobel Prize in Economics (unfortunately Amos passed away before the Nobel was awarded) allowed me to step into a different world. At that point I became Alice in Wonderland.

I still feel like Alice today. Is what gives me the courage to dream and the hope that I will take their work and turn it into a machine. And that the machine will make our societies a better place. One business at a time.

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