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Because There’s More

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I never shared the belief that there is only ONE CAUSE or ONE SOLUTION to a problem. Reality is a lot more complex than that. Our minds are far more complex. Problems are rarely what they first appear to be. I could throw in few quotes from research in the working of our minds to demonstrate my statements are based on facts and not just on “common-sense speculations”. But I will do that on my radio show.

I am starting a show to test a hypothesis and because I believe where we are today is just a place before the place where we will be tomorrow. We do need to keep moving forward because progress will happen whether we seek it or not.

I don’t believe I have THE answer BUT I did create an alternative to better businesses and better societies. It might sound overly grandiose but as the English would say “Don’t Knock It Till You Try It.” Listen to my show and test it out.

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