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Q: Who Is Trusted Advisory Board?

Trusted Advisory Board is a growing team of professionals with diverse experiences, levels of expertise, and academic backgrounds. We share an interest in employing our knowledge and experiences to help business executives enhance the accuracy of their decisions  and solve critical business challenges.



Q: What Type of Work Do You Typically Do?

Being part of a business advisory service, our advisors have the appropriate skills and support to provide on demand advice across the range of decisions executives encounter in the daily management of business. In that respect, we take a tactical focus and help our clients achieve immediate resolution to business problems by enabling them immediate access to different perspectives and alternatives, new ideas, concrete examples of implementation successes or failures, relevant information and/or skills.



Q: What Type of Work You Do Not Do?

We are very proud of the wide range of expertise and experience hosted within our two-tier advisory model. While this might afford us many opportunities for collaboration with our clients, we focus our impact on supporting the decision-making processes of our clients. In that respect, we will not become involved in any type of engagement that extends outside need for advice related to a specific business issue. We might, however, be in a position to refer our clients to organizations or individuals we have partnered with in the past and for whom we have developed respect and trust to deliver at a standard that we would hold ourselves to. Some examples of engagements TAB will not undertake are: coaching engagements, group facilitation sessions, team engagement sessions, individual or group assessment engagements, medium to long term engagements (with the exception of our Premium Solutions available to existing clients only).



Q: Is Trusted Advisory Board TAB’s Board of Directors?

No it is not. TAB is a two-layer business advisory service in which the layer interacting with you consists of professionals employed by TAB. The second layer of advisors is external to the organization and it consists of senior business professionals who are part of TAB’s network. Our external advisors provide advice on an as-needed basis.



Q: How does TAB work?

TAB operates as a support mechanism for facilitating more accurate executive decision-making. TAB’s clients have access to a pool of knowledge hosted within our dual-level advisory network. The first layer of advisors interacts directly with you, as our clients. Those are experienced professionals who have the skills, talent, passion and courage to take on the responsibility of being a Personal Advisor to their clients. They are employed by TAB on a full- or part-time basis.



Q: How are TAB advisors selected? 

We know that to earn your trust we must be seen as credible. Our advisors are selected based upon their ability to bring value to our clients. Each advisor at TAB has an extensive track record of assisting teams or organizations to succeed. Most of our advisors are members of our professional network, who have years of experience and expertise in varied industries and disciplines.  We also respond to the needs of our clients by focusing our recruitment efforts in order to bring you the skill and knowledge sets you require to help you make better decisions and drive your organization’s growth.



Q: What happens if there are no TAB advisors with expertise in our industry? 

In broad terms, our solutions are divided between solutions that bring organizational growth through risk mitigation and those that bring growth through innovation. While this distinction is not as clear cut in reality, when the focus of an organization is to grow through innovation, perspectives from the same industry bring less value then perspectives from a different industry. Irrespective of the direction of your organizational priorities, we will bring in the advisors who have the expertise you need to make well-informed decisions.



Q: How do you ensure that you maintain the integrity of your external advisors’ input? 

There is more to being a Personal Advisor than just the transfer of data from advisors to clients. We know that even great content can be dismissed during communication, or can lack expected impact during implementation. How the advice is introduced, the timing of the advice, the psychology of the individual being advised as well as the psychology of the advisor – are some of the variables that can trump the quality of the advice. TAB Personal Advisors possess a good balance between professional expertise and the ability to absorb and disseminate complex information, form connections, and evaluate information with a focus on identifying the best way forward. In addition, those skills are further enhanced by the think-tank approach practiced by all TAB advisors.



Q: How can you accurately assess what is missing if you are not entrenched in the business you are advising?

As answered above, in-depth knowledge of your field can at times hinder rather than facilitate progress. We are committed to evaluating every engagement on an individual organization basis and where necessary, recruit the talent required to advance your decision making.

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