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Laura Ellis
Founder and CEO

Laura Ellis is the Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisory Board (TAB) Inc. Channeling her innovative and visionary spirit, Laura created the next generation of management consulting services to give executives streamlined access to qualified business advice, and to improve the accuracy of their business decisions.

During a rich and varied career Laura has followed her passion for change, and has inspired remarkable individual and organizational transformations. As an educator, she motivated and guided at-risk youth in Communist Romania to strive outside the limits imposed by an oppressive regime. Subsequent exposure to free-market economy sparked Laura’s interest in business and for affecting organizational transformations.

Working for Cabletron Systems Ltd. in the UK (a US company acquired by Siemens Enterprise) she partnered with the international financial services institutions  based in London’s Financial  District on developing their IT networking infrastructure. As part of UK’s National Health System she supported the implementation efforts during the merger of London’s two Postgraduate Medical and Dental Deaneries.

In Canada, Laura led high-impact short-term  integration projects for Canadian-based Manulife Financial Services following their acquisition of the US insurance company, John Hancock Financial.

In a subsequent corporate role as the Global Talent Manager for Manulife, Laura’s involvement in analyzing the global distribution of executive talent for the Board and CEO led to new trends in how Manulife’s senior executives manage and plan for their succession and enabled a more strategic distribution of executive talent inside their business.

For the past six years, Laura has managed complex client engagements in the Canadian business, government, and not-for-profit sectors as a Senior Consultant  for  Canadian-founded MICA Consulting and  Knightsbridge Human Capital. In that capacity, she effortlessly engaged with the cultures she interacted with, and became a key contributor to their leadership legacy. While her impact and authentic consulting approach earned her the respect and recognition of both peers and clients alike, Laura looks upon her  achievements as an impetus for doing more with her talents to support businesses and professionals in senior management roles everywhere.

In founding Trusted Advisory Board, Laura has created a new and more effective way to assist senior executives make better decisions for their business. Aggregating the insights she gained throughout her academic, professional, and international experience, Laura has developed a new and unique approach built on the conviction that, like societies, businesses thrive when exposed to a collision and fusion of diverse ideas and perspectives.

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